Charter Boat Business Plan

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Incidentally, the red colour for the logo also comes from the Fletcher… Remember, easy Jet launched in 1995, six years after us, so perhaps they were inspired by our name, font and corporate colours…[smile] Without doubt, integrity is our core value.For you to make a decision on what financing you will choose and whether you do the financing on your own, or like to enter a Charter Ownership Program or Charter Management offered by a charter business, or like receive the help of an industry professional to receive the best fit for your needs, you first need to know the difference between the TWO PARALLEL LEASING options (part financing) offered in the charter market.

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We loved that boat, spent so much time with her, that when it came to registering our business we decided to name it after our beloved speedboat, hence Nice & Easy Boats SL.

Some time later, we were putting together a website with our friend and web-developer, Elena Vera, and realised a shorter name would work best for our domain name so decided upon You already know where ‘easy’ comes from, and the font, Cooper Black, was handpicked by our graphic designer, Paul Shakespeare.

This requires you to arrange your own financing with your local bank, financial service firms and /or credit union.

It will entitle you to the charter income produced by your charter management agreement or ownership (program) and other ownership benefits defined by the charter business you have contracted.

Our biggest reward is making our clients happy through the professional friendly services we offer, whether that’s a memorable charter holiday or taking ownership of a dream yacht.

A boat ownership in charter may be a good way of getting that dream boat of yours and it has proven for many to be the solution for speeding up the purchase and removing the cost for up-keep of traditional boat ownership.

We had to learn the hard way and come up with solutions as problems arose.

For example there wasn’t even an insurance policy in existence to cover motoryacht charter, we had to persuade a company to make one exclusively for Nice & Easy Boats SL.

However, for the sake of determining when, why, and whom, the different terms apply to, we will make a clear separation between them both: Charter Ownership Refers to the contract or agreement made between the lender-/investor (the Customer) with a charter business and/or operator (the Service Provider), where most commonly the Service Provider is offering a Charter Ownership Program/Investment, with detailed and pre-made conditions for the Customer.

The charter management programs are most often defined as a loan agreement, with the Customer receiving several options of boats, destination, contractual period.


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