Celebrity Idol Essay

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In short, he was one of the few pop stars whose fame was fully justified.

But to spend time on the mainstream and left-wing Internet last week — or to listen to some of the web’s more popular podcasts — you would have thought America lost a national hero, and not merely an immensely gifted artist.

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After all, when everyone is the star of his own biopic, then everyone’s story has a climax.

And we admire those with the most triumphant ending, to the point that triumph becomes its own reward.

If you say Flannery O’ Connor is your idol, you don’t mean you bow down before a statue of the Southern writer, it just means you admire her big time.

As millions shared his more memorable performances, I realized I’d forgotten what a great guitar player and showman he was.

Marx famously declared religion to be the “opium of the people.” But it’s clear that tens of millions of Americans sedate their souls with a different drug: pop culture.

Prince’s death is sad, but for everyone but his family and friends, the pain it causes is the pang of withdrawal, not the ache of true spiritual loss.


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