Catcher In The Rye Analysis Essay

He sneaks in, still not prepared to face his parents, and finds his 10-year-old sister, Phoebe.She is upset when she hears that Holden has failed out and accuses him of not liking anything.

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Salinger was able to create a character whose relatability stemmed from his unreliability—something that resonated with many readers. The novel has been banned numerous times because of its salty language and sexual content.

Others, however, felt that the novel was amateur and unnecessarily coarse., Salinger became a recluse.

Holden falls asleep on Antolini’s couch and awakes to Antolini stroking his forehead, which Holden interprets as a sexual advance.

He immediately excuses himself and heads to Grand Central Station, where he spends the rest of the night.

After Little, Brown bought the manuscript, Salinger showed it to ’s reception was lukewarm at first.

Many critics were impressed by Holden as a character and, specifically, by his style of narration. The novel remained influential into the 21st century; indeed, many American high schools included it in their curriculum.

Holden desperately wants to remain true and innocent in a world full of, as he puts it, “phonies.” Salinger once admitted in an interview that the novel was semi-autobiographical.

The Caulfield family was one Salinger had already explored in a number of stories that had been published by different magazines.


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