Bully For Brontosaurus Essay

it didn’t exist because it’s apatosaurus and was acknowledged as such in 1903).The American Heritage Science Dictionary has the most concise explanation of the brontosaurus naming controversy I’ve seen so far: Take a little deception, add a little excitement, stir them with a century-long mistake, and you have the mystery of the brontosaurus. For 100 years this 70-foot-long, 30-ton vegetarian giant had two names.

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On soft substrate, the pressure from the feet of such dinosaurs would have distorted the earth at a depth of a metre or more beneath the surface…

Soon, apatosaurus was widely known as the “correct” and “scientific” name.

In “Bully for Brontosaurus,” Gould explains: I hate to be a shill for the Post Office, but I think that they made the right decision this time.

Since it is a rule in taxonomy that the first name given to a newly discovered organism is the one that must be used, scientists have had to use the term apatosaurus.

But “thunder lizard” had found a lot of popular appeal, and many people still prefer to call the beast brontosaurus., s.v.


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