Brave New World Essay On Utopia

Brave New World Essay On Utopia-21
And if ever anyone gets angry or depressed, there is always soma.In our world soma would be seen as a drug and should not be used.The mental inferiority is very important for the survival of the utopian society.

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In our world we must go through the ritual of the funeral.

After one has died, his family must go through an enormous task of planning, organizing and dealing with the death of their now gone loved one. 13) it seems unfair that even before you are born, your future is already written out for you.

Has huxley written about a degrading way of life or has he discovered the key to a perfect world that should be called utopia?

This essay will show that upon close analysis the way of life in the novel is justifiable and all the precautions that are taken are needed to preserve their lifestyle.

But the people in utopia once again have never experienced any of these.

They were brought up in conditioning centers and feel that parents and family are primitive. “mother, he repeated loudly rubbing in the science; and, leaning back in his chair, these, he said gravely are unpleasant facts; i know it.

However for them there is no need for education because they do not need power.

Power will not get them any farther in life then what is already written out for them.

If stability is threatened so will be the utopian world.

Of course some will say that they will miss their families and relationships and most of all, love.


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