Brave New World Ap Essay Prompts

And it is considered odd to stay with one parter for more than a couple of weeks.This standard is another basis that allows the audience to consider John the Savage an immoral person.

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While Bernard is labeled an Alpha, he understands that he and his mindset cannot truly be alpha, as he views everybody as equal, and does not view himself as better, simply because he is an alpha.

This shows that his inner stress and anger is literally stunting his growth, because genetically, he would be very similar to the other alphas, and thus have genetically similar height to them.

This dichotomy between his actions and feelings is important, as it is something that people experience every day.

We know that it is the right thing to report people for doing the wrong thing, but we do not because we like our social status.

This standard is what constitutes John the Savage's actions just as his name suggests, savage. It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night, Like a rich jewel in an Ethiop’s ear; Beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear…” Huxley 178. In this scene, Romeo see's Juliet for the first time, and similarly this is when John see's Lenina for the first time.

John is well versed in numerous Shakespeare works, and is seen quoting Shakespeare during deep emotional states of mind. John the Savage uses Shakespeare to have some sort of human connection based on the similar feelings that he has and the characters in these pieces of work.

And when he travels to the World State, he is somewhat viewed as a zoo animal.

The World State has a distinct view on relationships.

What would seem as sensible actions to the modern audience, John the Savage's are considered immoral by the proclivities and states of minds of the World State citizens.

For centuries, adulterous behaviour has been considered sinful in the Christian church, but World State citizens mock the idea by participating in an orgy inside of Westminister Abby, a revered church in London, England.


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