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The translation of new discoveries in medicine to clinical routine has never been easy.

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more Expression in grasses of multiple transgenes for degradation of munitions compounds on live fire training ranges 10-Nov-2016 | Long Zhang, Ryan Routsong, Quyen Nguyen, Elizabeth L. Plants take up RDX but do not significantly degrade it. more Targeted modification of plant genomes for precision crop breeding 11-Oct-2016 | Julia Hilscher, Hermann Bürstmayr, Eva Stoger, Biotechnology Journal, 2016 Abstract The development of gene targeting and gene editing techniques based on programmable site‐directed nucleases (SDNs) has increased the precision of genome modification and made the outcomes more predictable and controllable.

These approaches have achieved rapid advances in plant ...

Fractions I and II were identified as protocatechuic acid and gallic acid, respectively, using 1H and 13C NMR.

Protein–ligand docking showed that these compounds form multiple favorable interactions with the active‐site residues of the two glycosidases.

This is being made possible thanks to the major developments made in basic cell and molecular biology, including stem cell science, growth factor delivery, gene isolation and transfection, the advances in bioengineering and nanotechnology, including development of new biomaterials, biofabrication technologies and use of bioreactors, and the big improvements in diagnostic tools and imaging of cells, tissues and organs.

In today`s world, an enhancement of communication between multidisciplinary experts, together with the promotion of joint projects and close collaborations among scientists, engineers, industry people, regulatory agencies and physicians are absolute requirements for the success of any attempt to develop and clinically apply a new biological therapy or an innovative device involving the collective use of biomaterials, cells and/or bioactive molecules.

This was coupled to the widespread emergence of academics into the commercial sector as they were encouraged to spin out companies or commercialize ...

more Phaseolin expression in tobacco chloroplast reveals an autoregulatory mechanism in heterologous protein translation 01-Jun-2015 | Francesca De Marchis, Michele Bellucci, Andrea Pompa, Plant Biotechnology Journal, 2015 Summary Plastid DNA engineering is a well‐established research area of plant biotechnology, and plastid transgenes often give high expression levels.

more"Biogenic amine formed from protein rich foods is menace throughout the world.

Related in human, Histamine consumption may leads to severe health concerns at chronic levels due to effects on the restless, headache, vomiting, hypotension, flushing.


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