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Tip: Keep a journal for school focused on studying and analyzing your course material.For instance, you might summarize your coursework, record your reflections on it, and write down questions you have.

The Jewish Literary Journal aims to publish the best in creative writing that deals with Jewish themes and Jewish identity.

Its purpose is to display works that would perhaps go unnoticed otherwise, that can deepen conversation, and continue the tradition of rich Jewish expression.

V., the Treaty of Paris, September 11th Day of Remembrance, Rosh Hashanah, Good Neighbor Day and more.

October Writing Prompts - Writing prompts include: Comic Strips, Fast Food, Earthquakes, International Red Cross, the Stock Market Crash of '29. November Writing Prompts - Prompts include: Daniel Boone, Elections, Basketball, the invention of the X-Ray, Women's Rights, Mickey Mouse's Birthday, the Gettysburg Address, and more.

A Quiet Courage is a journal of microfiction and poetry in 100 words or fewer. Their annual Summer Reading Issues have featured cover story interviews with Tony Kushner, Gore Vidal, E. Each month, they publish work by established and emerging writers including Emanuel Xavier, Patrick Donnelly, and Julie E. See website for their Christopher Hewitt Literary Award, a free contest with small prizes for fiction, poetry, drama, and creative nonfiction.

Submissions are also accepted in Spanish with exact English translations. Founded in 2011 by Christine Redman-Waldeyer, Adanna accepts unpublished poetry, short stories, essays, and reviews of books and visual arts. Editors say, "Adanna, a name of Nigerian origin, pronounced a-DAN-a, is defined as 'her father's daughter.' This literary journal is titled Adanna because women over the centuries have been defined by men in politics, through marriage, and, most importantly, by the men who fathered them.

You may find that some of them don’t explicitly state that days event.

You may want to refer back to the monthly events calendar for this information in order to share it with your students. Tolkien, Benjamin Franklin, Home computers, and much more.

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