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People invest in you with the hope of receiving a return on their investment.If you have shown that someone who has invested in you in the past has gotten an outstanding return on that investment, you will do profoundly better in your job search.Too many people approach their job searches from the perspective of their own needs. “Because I would like to work there.” We bantered back and forth for some time, and at no point did he give me any justification, potential benefit, or reason whatsoever to hire him. As ridiculous as this may sound, this is exactly what most people do when they are looking for a job.

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You absolutely should not think of yourself as a job seeker.

Instead, you need to consider yourself to be an investment—and a commodity.

When you sell something for drastically less than the competition, it is easy to sell it.

You will get attention in your cover letters and in your job search when you portray yourself as an incredible discount.

A cover letter’s main purpose is to show employers that they will make a lot of money and have less aggravation if they hire you.

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You want to demonstrate to employers that if they do not hire you, they are going to lose a lot of money. If you can get more done in less time, then you are someone who can offer an employer a massive advantage.

Several years ago I walked out of a movie theater in New York City with a friend of mine.

A man on the street was selling a few watches out of a Macy’s bag.

A good proportion of people who receive these offers fill them out. Some offers appeal to the employers and others do not.

You need to be able to craft offers that appeal to employers and make them want to hire and buy you.


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