Bartleby The Scrivener Essay

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After the lawyer places an advert in the local newspaper, Bartleby applies for the position of a copyist and the lawyer hires him.

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Nevertheless, he starts pitying Bartleby for he concludes that whatever he does, he does it involuntarily.

The lawyer resolves that he will “cheaply purchase a delicious self-approval” (Melville 21), by keeping Bartleby as his workers for he thinks if he lets him go, he would be mistreated by other employers; therefore, to the Lawyer, he is doing charity to Bartleby.

They confirm that his actions are strange and unreasonable.

After a final try to get Bartleby do his job, the Lawyer rushes out to attend some business but he vows to investigate the issue.

Finally, Bartley ends in prison on charges of vagrancy and dies few days later.

This story is important for it highlights how philistinism and consumerism rose in American society and its effects on charity and humanity.

The Lawyer states clearly that Bartleby is no longer his worker so he has nothing to do with him.

Few days later, the new tenant comes back to the Lawyer and pleads with him to talk with Bartleby and the Lawyer agrees.

Bartley asks the Lawyer to come back after few minutes but when he returns, he finds Bartleby gone; however, he can clearly tell that Bartleby lives in the office.

The Lawyer pities Bartleby more and even though he tries to gather information about his life, Bartleby does not divulge anything significant.


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