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For example, increasing the pupil/teacher ratio in the U. by one student would save at least billion per year in teacher salary costs alone, which is roughly equivalent to the outlays of Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, the federal government’s largest single K-12 education program.

For example, increasing the pupil/teacher ratio in the U. by one student would save at least billion per year in teacher salary costs alone, which is roughly equivalent to the outlays of Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, the federal government’s largest single K-12 education program.

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To get the weighted average of the price paid, the investor multiplies 100 shares by $10 for year one, 50 shares by $40 for year two, and then adds the results to get a total value of $3,000.

The investor divides the total amount paid for the shares, $3,000 in this case, by the number of shares acquired over both years, 150, to get the weighted average price paid of $20.

Investors often build a position in a stock over several years.

Stock prices change daily, so it's tough to keep track of the cost basis on those shares accumulated over a period of years.

This average is weighted with respect to the number of shares acquired at each price, and not just the absolute price.

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Weighted averages show up in many areas of finance besides the purchase price of shares, including portfolio returns, inventory accounting and valuation.Executive Summary Class size is one of the small number of variables in American K-12 education that are both thought to influence student learning and are subject to legislative action.Legislative mandates on maximum class size have been very popular at the state level.When school finances are limited, the cost-benefit test any educational policy must pass is not “Does this policy have any positive effect?” but rather “Is this policy the most productive use of these educational dollars? that directly compares CSR to specific alternative investments, but one careful analysis of several educational interventions found CSR to be the least cost effective of those studied.However, certain values in a data set are given more importance for reasons other than frequency of occurrence.Each data point value is multiplied by the assigned weight which is then summed and divided by the number of data points.When evaluating companies to discern whether their shares are correctly priced, investors use the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) to discount a company's cash flows.WACC is weighted based on the market value of debt and equity in a company's capital structure.A weighted average is extremely useful in that it allows the final average number to reflect the relative importance of each observation and is thus more descriptive than a simple average.It also has the effect of smoothing out data thereby enhancing accuracy.


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