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Can be searched as (last name, first name) or (first name last name).Me SH stands for Medical Subject Heading and is the National Library of Medicine's controlled vocabulary thesaurus.

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The thesaurus shows relationships between terms such as synonyms or related terms, and hierarchical arrangements such as broader terms, or narrower terms.

Most Pro Quest databases have an associated thesaurus.

By adding thesaurus terms to your search, you can broaden or narrow your search, or find related words to further explore your subject of interest.

To use the thesaurus, select the Thesaurus link from the Advanced or Command Line Search, then browse or search for subjects containing the word or beginning with the word.

When a record has Me SH subjects assigned to it, you will often see Pro Quest Subjects assigned to it as well.

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The Pro Quest subjects appear in the Subject Heading (All) field.Through the Thesaurus link and in addition to the Pro Quest Thesaurus, you'll also see a link to the Me SH 2018 Thesaurus.Me SH stands for Medical Subject Headings and is the National Library of Medicine's controlled vocabulary thesaurus.Use the reference search field to look for the data in a cited reference.It will search all of the main components of a cited reference (cited author, cited document title, cited publication date, and cited publication title).From there, run your search to include the subject terms.You can also combine terms you find in the thesaurus with your current Advanced or Command Line search.Other Look ups and browsable indexes will be listed in the Limit To section of the advanced search page.Select the Look up link and then you will see a browsable and alphabetical index for that field.In addition to the all-encompassing subject field, there is also a separate subject field for company/organization, person, and location.These are also included in the searchable fields table to the right.


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