As Level Drama Coursework

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A level Drama and Theatre (on AQA syllabus 7262) is assessed through a theory component and two practical ones.

For many students this is the most rewarding aspect of the course and after all, working with others is a life skill better acquired sooner than later!

And you don't need to study pre 20th century texts.

Learners also develop their performance skills, the demonstration of which will form part of the final assessment.

Please note that if you make an entry for the A*-G grading scale, it is not then possible to switch to the 9-1 grading scale once the entries deadline has passed.

The practical demands of this course do not make it especially attractive as a one-year option.

As Level Drama Coursework

You would need A level experience in this subject or one which provides a similar skill set.

OCR’s syllabus is comparable to AQA’s and Pearson offers a course with a more practical emphasis.

Drama and Theatre is also available as an AS level, generally taken after study in the first year of the sixth form.

This will hopefully lead to a life-long interest in theatre-going as well as making the two year course a memorable one.

The theoretical and practical elements of A level Drama and Theatre make it both a challenging and a very rewarding subject. In the first year you undertake a practical exploration and a theatrical interpretation of passages taken from play texts you and your class chose with your teacher's help, and suiting the tastes and make-up of the group.


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