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And if the frustration becomes too much, head to the gym, grab some chocolate or do whatever typically relieves your stress.

And if the frustration becomes too much, head to the gym, grab some chocolate or do whatever typically relieves your stress.

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By undertaking this distillation of relevant material, to enable the efficient conversion of dissertations into journal articles, appropriate procedures and conclusions have been compiled.

Findings present current thinking on the conversion of a dissertation into a journal paper in terms of how dissertations differ from journal articles, reframing for publication, rethinking the material, trimming the length, time taken to rewrite the material, specific lessons, and adapting for publication.

This approach has involved a fundamental thematic review of the literature concerning the conversion of dissertations into journal articles.

From these sources pertinent approaches, processes, lessons, and guidance have been noted and analysed.

I typically give my co-authors (maximum) a month to send their feedback.

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The feedback is usually limited, so I might need just a morning to make a few changes, and then submit.Writing with authors other than your supervisor will improve your writing, and is typically well-received in most fields.Publishing with different authors shows that you can work across research groups and universities and that you are ready to reach out into the world. Remember that not all papers are born equal Some papers will roll out from your dissertation in just a few writing sessions.And thus, for most of us "big book"-thesis-writing-and-publishing folks, we'll need to revisit all our material again after publication of the thesis, and turn it into a number of journal papers.If you are lucky enough to get into a post-doc position that is fully research-oriented, you have all the time (or at least, you might think you have) to write your papers.For other papers you'll be sweating and sighing as you try to force a piece of research into a stand-alone narrative.Don't get mad at yourself or your work - just accept this fact as it is.If you venture out into the industry, you'll have to do it in your evenings and weekends.Regardless of the time constraints, it's still extremely valuable to take the step of turning your dissertation into journal papers. Plan for it After you graduate, life is going to take over.I plan to start writing the next paper (or replying to reviewers’ comments and reworking the manuscript) whenever the draft of the previous one is done, so that I create a constant stream of writing, revising, sending to co-authors and submitting. Enlist some good co-authors Now that you have -hopefully- worked well with your thesis committee members, and implemented their advice to deliver the final draft of your dissertation, is there any part of your research that particularly benefited from their input?If you are planning to write a paper on this topic, consider inviting this committee member to be a co-author.


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