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Describing other searches Provide a brief summary of other sources searched.

For example: The reference lists of studies selected for inclusion were scanned for relevant studies.

The book appendix is the perfect place for more details on a subject in the book that perhaps the author didn’t have time to include fully or didn’t have room for.

The appendix may provide additional resources (books, articles, research) for the reader to explore on their own time.

State the earliest month and year searched, together with the latest month and year searched, and any missing journal issues which were not searched.

Describing searches of conference proceedings Provide details of the conference proceedings searched, for example: Proceedings with a title in addition to the conference name: Substance use : individual behaviour, social interactions, markets, and politics.13-14; Lund.

The manufacturing company United Tobacco Substitutes International was contacted for further information (15/11/06). Describing the search process The following example shows how a search can be described briefly in a final report when it is possible to put the full searches in an appendix.

Citation searches in Science Citation Index (15/11/06) were carried out for papers citing the recent key paper: Smith P and Jones L. The following databases were searched for relevant studies: ASSIA (via CSA 1990 to 06/March/06); CENTRAL (via Cochrane Library issue 2/2006, 12/April/06, 12/April/06); CINAHL (via Web SPIRS 1990 to 2006 wk 4, 01/April/06); DH-Data (via Datastar 1994 to 14/March/06, 14/March/06); EMBASE (via Dialog 1974 to 2006 week 8, 16/March/06); MEDLINE (via Ovid, 1966 to week 10 2006, 15/March/06); Psyc INFO (via Datastar 1806 to 2006 week 2, 17/March/06).

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