Ap Biology Evolution Essay Answers

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Both of these focus on "interpreting and evaluating experimental results," with one requiring graphing (per the College Board description).

Here's an example of a long question: This question is heavy on analysis and isn't just testing your straight-up biology knowledge.

However, if you plan your time well and use appropriate study materials and strategies, you can expect a great score on the exam.

In this article, I'll give you an overview of what the AP Biology exam is like, what you need to know to ace it, and how you can use your study time effectively before the exam on Monday, May 11, 2020, at 8 am ET!

Reasoning skills and knowledge of the process of scientific inquiry are more important on the current version of the AP Biology test than they have ever been before.

The College Board has tried to structure the exam so that content knowledge and reasoning skills are intertwined. The good is that you won't necessarily have to memorize as many little tidbits of information; the bad is that it can be harder to study for a test like this that covers more abstract forms of knowledge.

Here's a chart showing the format of the 2020 AP Biology exam: You now know the general format of the AP Biology test, but what do questions actually look like on it? These can be discrete (meaning they are stand-alone questions) or they can come in sets with other questions.

Here's an example of a multiple-choice question you might see on the exam: You don't necessarily need lots of in-depth biology knowledge to answer this.

Reviewing for the AP Biology exam can seem daunting.

There's so much material to cover, and much of it is highly complex.


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