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Assignments: Weekly Connect homework, D2L quiz, and written homework over every chapter (CH 1-12).

Connect homework & D2L quiz were usually due on Sundays & written homework in-class on Fridays.

There's homework over every chapter, and it can be used as an amazing study guide.

Professor Abernathy is a little dull when it comes to lecture, and it can get boring somedays, but it doesn't really take away from the quality of her teaching.

She makes her tests harder than it really should be and doesn't really review enough for you to know what is on the test.

Might as well say, "Study everything in chapters 13-17" instead of giving a study guide. Expect to study and work like you never have before in college cause she is definitely not easy.Because of common exams she does not give you a study guide and will tell you the test can be about anything you learned. Every ACTG 2110 is set up the same way as far as Common Exams being 80% of your grade.Like before, its a hard and boring subject but she's the best person to guide you through it! However, after going to the exam review sessions and seeing other professors explain the material, I'd say take Abernathy! She's also very methodical and that makes learning so much easier!She posts the problems & solutions gone over at the review session on D2L.Project: In the beginning of the course you have a small, easy project that is worth 20 points.You have to type a bunch of numbers in and be specifically correct or its wrong. You will end up studying ALL her powerpoints and aplia problems anyway.The only good thing about the homework is that you can pull up the practice side by side and pretty much copy over to get a good grade (This is her last semester using Aplia.. The multiple choice always bombs me a letter grade down because they're questions you'd never expect to study.All of these assignments are so helpful when it come down to learning the material!I'd recommend writing everything down for my fellow visual learners. In-Class Quizzes: Week of the Exams: In-Class Quizzes are on Monday, Review Session on Wednesday, Exams on Friday.She runs through the material kind of fast but will ask if anyone needs to have her explain it again and if they have any questions. She has these set of rules that she just expects you to follow and strictly enforces them.She's does everything by the book, and will not throw you a bone, so study for her exams. For instance, if you're late, DON'T come in through the front door, go to the back door, knock, and wait for some one to open bc she doesn't care to call you out on it. She has them all graded on Mondays but if you're late to class you must stay outside and wait until the class in done reviewing the exam for you to come inside. However, I would definitely recommend you take her because her teaching definitely makes up for what some would call "rude." She's not really rude, just very straightforward.


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