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The students in my lab take movement classes with me and my collaborators; I work on artistic projects that interface with research outreach; and I train whenever I can: most recently, auditing Professor Endalyn Taylor's wonderful 300-level ballet class.Did dancing teach you anything about physics or engineering? Not the parts of physics/engineering we teach in the College of Engineering at UIUC.

When Amy La Viers was just 3, her mother and a group of parents in her tiny town in southeastern Kentucky collaborated to bring a dance teacher to the second floor of the fire station to provide lessons for the children.

In the years that followed, La Viers found herself falling in love with movement.

At Princeton University, you earned a certificate in dance and a bachelor's degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering. I love Glossier's products and, even more, watching her take over, and simultaneously empower, the world with brow pomade and face cream.

Was this the moment you had to switch your priorities? This was the moment I realized these "two" priorities were one and the same!

One of the keys is making sure that the human workers are able to communicate commands precisely and efficiently to the robotic counterparts, ensuring that the resulting movement is expected. Twitter handle, or Facebook or Linked In if you prefer: Instagram!

But I'm on a New Year's cleanse: I can only open the app in major transportation hubs.

My senior thesis at Princeton was in analyzing data of human movement to quantitatively compare different styles of motion. I'm actively uninterested: Human movement is way, way too complex to capture any meaningful measurement of with a 3-axis accelerometer (or even 20!

Roboticists need to understand how to create complex patterns in robotic movement.

She is a recipient of a 2015 DARPA Young Faculty Award (YFA) and 2017 Director’s Fellowship.

Her teaching has been recognized on UIUC’s list of Teachers Ranked as Excellent By Their Students, with Outstanding distinction.


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