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If your essay topic is on a contentious issue, you need to take a strong stand on it.

Don’t just say that there are both pro’s and con’s.

The scoring software searches for linking words and phrases that signal examples or reasons.

These words and phrases include: such as, for example, for this reason, because of.

Writeplacer Success essay guide teaches you everything you need to know in order to succeed with your essay.

The Accuplacer essay guide is available in both PDF download and paperback form.To develop your Accuplacer essay, you need to expand on your main idea and maintain your point of view throughout your writing.In order to support your viewpoint, your essay should include examples and explanations that illustrate it.The software will assess the six following characteristics of your essay: To achieve focus, the Accuplacer essay has to answer the question that has been posed.You will need to express your main idea in a clear way in the introduction of the essay.If you want essay writing help, please visit the Writeplacer page.Did you know that your essay is scored by a software program?Each paragraph has to be set out in the following way: The body paragraphs should contain a point that supports your main idea.You should also include a conclusion that sums up the essay.The software assesses this aspect of your essay by searching for a thesis statement in the first paragraph of your essay.Your Accuplacer essay should be organized into paragraphs.


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