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Until they do, we need to focus on the more manageable and relevant question of how to regulate a medical service or procedure that is sought by millions of women.

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Alternatively, attempting to induce a premature live birth that is not medically necessary, should a woman request this, would likely injure a viable fetus and endanger its postnatal health and life.

Because an abortion is a medical service, and not something a woman decides or does by herself, her right to decisional privacy in this matter is not absolute.

In a liberal democracy, we don’t need to resolve many difficult questions of individual morality in order to have defensible public policies — policies that are justified by our commitment to democratic decision making, liberty and equality. ” suggest that entire groups of people that pursue activities necessary to securing their basic human needs are possibly morally compromised, and are thus insulting; they also encourage civic leaders and their constituents to take up rigid and extreme views based on their own personal convictions, and to be morally arrogant toward others who don’t share their views.

State officials who appeal to their own beliefs on questions of individual morality, in order to justify their policy decisions, are violating values more fundamental to our society. Raising these questions in the midst of heated public debate about access to abortion services or to civil marriage makes it seem as if we are hopelessly divided as a society in ways that render the policy questions irresolvable.

A recent report by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine concludes that “The clinical evidence clearly shows that legal abortions in the United States — whether by medication, aspiration, D & E, or induction — are safe and effective. But the risks of serious complication increases with weeks’ gestation.” This means that state laws and policies that unnecessarily delay the scheduling of an abortion procedure hinder, rather than help, the government in pursuing its interest in protecting women’s health.

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The state also has an interest in protecting fetal human life, even if fetuses are not legal persons, but this state interest needs to be balanced against others.

Nevertheless, our courts have determined repeatedly that, until the last third or so of a pregnancy, the state’s interest in protecting women’s health and decisional privacy outweighs its interest in protecting fetal life.

Yet, why do these interests need to be rebalanced in the last part of pregnancy?

When moral philosophers and others take up an issue that is at the center of public debate, we tend to frame it as a matter of individual ethics. Consider, for instance, that “abortion” is really an umbrella term for a number of different medical procedures — appropriate for different stages of pregnancy — each with significantly different health risks.

The problem is that questions like these oversimplify the issues.


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