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You will not be researching or looking anything up during your writing time (research and editing are discrete tasks, believe it or not, and should be done in separate blocks).Don’t do “poms”—timed sessions of 25 minutes with five-minute breaks in between—for writing.

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You are no longer simply a graduate student; you are a Ph.

When writing dissertations, remember that their opening chapter is an important part because it’s the first thing that all readers notice, besides abstracts and titles.

In NYU’s workshops, we write for 50 minutes straight, with 10-minute breaks, for 4 hours daily.

That might not be feasible if you work or have young children, but plan on writing five days a week, no matter what, for a minimum of two hours each day. Here’s the rationale for writing every day: Writing is thinking. The biggest mistake I’ve seen most graduate students make is to mythologize what I call “the moment of genius.” Because writing is thinking, brilliant thoughts do not just appear on the page after long hours of arduous musing on a subject. candidates from diverse departments—from computer science to French literature, from anthropology to political science.

On the good days, the prose will flow out of you at a rate that you didn’t think was possible.

Or you’ll finally figure out how you want to argue your main point.

You’ll hit the backspace and delete keys so much that they’ll start sticking.

You’ll move the same paragraph five times before you delete it out of frustration.

No one but you expects your dissertation to be perfect.

What advisors want to see is honest effort and interesting thinking on the page.


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