A Case Study On Classic S Practical Marketing Solutions

It’s astounding how many businesses do not know who their ideal customer is. Start by getting yourself featured on smaller blogs and publications, and slowly “trade up the chain” to bigger features on national media. Opena is an i Phone case with a slide-out bottle opener.Find out who is already buying your product or service and then reach out to more people like them. The return on investment of this particular marketing strategy is tenfold. If you’ve ever fumbled at a party looking for a bottle opener, or wondered if your teeth were strong enough to crack that bottle of Heineken open…Opena is the solution.

He managed to convince her to use her talents on a potentially groundbreaking company and the two of them built Mellow together.

Using as their pre-order platform, Mellow was launched to great success.

There are usually some holes that ecommerce entrepreneurs miss out in their rush to build their store and sell quickly, which Richard has kindly pointed out here.

Diamond Candles is a company that offers scented, soy-based candles that have a ring at the bottom.

Reverse-engineer the number of sales you need, try different tactics, review them and double down on those that worked for you.

He went down every single possible marketing channel one-by-one, tried it and see what results it delivered.

This has resulted in their customers spreading word-of-mouth about them due to the excitement of potentially winning the prize.

Prior to meeting Noah, Daniel had already sourced a manufacturer and set up his own website to sell his shades.

That’s why we have done the hard work of sorting out the BEST real-life examples there are, complete with insight on everything from their marketing campaigns to their chosen e-commerce platform.

Take a peek into what these e-commerce stores are doing to succeed and see what you can apply to your online store.


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