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The Greeks later united after the Battle of Thermopylae and lead by Spartan generals defeated the Persian army.It is believed that King Xerxres lost the will to conquer the Greeks after his forces killed Leonidas and he had his body brutally crucified.

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The Spartan King Leonidas led 300 Spartan warriors in a fight to block the Persian Army from passing into Greece through a two meter wide pass through the mountains of Thermopylae.

The Persian army that vastly outnumbered the Spartans was beat back for two days and during those defeats they suffered heavy losses that outweighed the Spartans 20 to 1.

He was shamed by his treatment of a man so brave and it haunted him so badly that he returned the body of Leonidas 40 years later. com/essays/Leadership-In-Movie-300/214587 How tha hell did 300 spartans beat half a million persians…? They used the terrain to bottleneck the Persain force, making the actual number of Persians they had to fight a perfectly manageable number. They learned to fight when they were children, and trained hard for it when they were adults.

I wonder, are the days of King Leonidas gone forever? net/arpit105/300-lessons-in-strategy-from-the-movie url 2 : In addition, their armor, weapons, everything was far superior to what the Persians used.

They are both based upon a one of the most famous battles in the Persian Wars (492 – 449 BC), The Battle of Thermopylae.

The Battle of Thermopylae goes down in history for being one of the most heroic feats of bravery in any war.

Last week I had the chance to see the upcoming movie "300" based on the Frank Miller graphic novel at the first advanced screening Warner Bros. Advanced screenings are an important part of the film development process, as they allow the studio to gauge audience reaction and make adjustments to the film prior to release.

In this case, "300" isn't coming out until 2007, so this is a very early screening indeed.

“Remember this day, men, for it will be your for all time” (King Leonardis, 300).

This is one of the memorable quotes from the movie about wars, honor, money, love, and devotion, from 300.


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